Easy DIY Fall Wreath


Happy November! I can hardly even believe I am saying that! Where has the time gone?? The last few weeks (and months!) have flown by. Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it! Thankfully John and I will be prepared, or at least our front door will be!

After being inspired by all of the fall colors I saw on our recent trip to Devil’s Lake, I decided to kick off the month by making a colorful wreath. Is there a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon? I think not. I waited long enough to buy my supplies that all of the seasonal items I needed were already on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric. Yippie skippie! This wreath ended up being (surprisingly) easier than I expected! As long as you have the right tools this should be a quick project for crafters of all levels. The hardest part was choosing what fall foliage I wanted to buy!


What you will need:

18 inch grapevine wreath frame
floral stems and bushes (I used a mix of 6 total)
paddle wire
needle nosed floral wire cutters
hot glue gun (optional)
twine or ribbon to hang wreath


First, you should decide how you want to display your assorted flowers and leaves. I knew that I wanted to keep mine asymmetrical, so from there it was just piecing it all together. Have fun with it!

Once you have all of your stems organized you can start gently tucking the ends of each one into the frame. Use the tip of your wire cutters to bend in the ends of each stem so they are easier to tuck.

Now cut your wire into 8 inch long segments. Begin wrapping the wire around portions of the stem and vines to adhere the stems to the fame. I would recommend using 2-3 pieces of wire per stem or bush you use. I put one towards the top on the stem, one towards the bottom, and one in the middle depending on the size and weight of the stem. For extra stability you can use the hot glue gun to attach specific portions to the frame as well.

Last, you can attached you twine or ribbon to the top of the wreath. I tied mine around the top and knotted it in the back. It hasn’t fallen off the door yet, so that’s promising!

Happy crafting!


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